Bodybuilding Bench Press Exercise

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Bench Press - Chest Exercise

Along with the deadlift and squat, the bench press, an open-chained form of free-weightlifting, forms the triumvirate of power lifting events.

The powerlifting aspect of this chest exercise however concentrates on achieving a single very heavy repetition, resulting in the pectorals having a greatly reduced role.

In November 2004, Gene Rychlak set the all-time record for the heaviest bench press at 456 kg (1005 lb).

On February 18, 2006, Scot Mendelson broke the record by pressing 1,008 pounds on his first attempt at the Fit Expo at the 2006 Iron Man Bodybuilding contest.

Otherwise, this physical, chest building exercise is used in bodybuilding as a chest and triceps exercise requiring a great deal of stabilizers.

 In this chest building exercise, the weightlifter lies on his/her back on a bench, raising and lowering the bar directly above the chest. This is the best chest exercise intended for the development of the chest, or pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, but a variation exists for the triceps.

As a chest muscle exercise, the bench press is properly performed while lying on your back with your shoulder blades pinched together on a specially designed bench.

A weighted barbell is suspended on a rack over your chest.Here’s how to perform this dumbbell chest exercise.

Lie supine, pull abs in tight and flatten lower back to the bench. Begin by lifting the bar/weights directly over chest, elbows at 90-degree angles.

Press your arms straight without locking, then return to starting position.

Perform one to three sets of 12-16 repetitions, with a 20-30 second rest interval between sets.

Use a spotter if you are lifting heavy weights in this upper chest exercise.This chest muscle exercise also works the arms and shoulders.

Other alternatives on this exercise can be performed on an incline, on a decline, or on a stabilizer ball.

Using the incline shifts some of the stress from the pectorals to the anterior deltoids and gives a greater emphasis on the "upper" pectorals, whereas utilizing the decline is more demanding for the "lower" pectorals.

The barbell bench press is a better exercise for inner chest strength, while the dumbbell bench press builds up the smaller muscles and promotes bulking.

When not used for athletic or physical gains, the bench press has also been performed as a joke, a hazing challenge or as a demonstration. It can also be done as chest exercise at home.

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