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Women Weight Loss Exercise - Women BodyBuilding

(Women) Weight loss exercise for different parts like hips, thigh, stomach, back, lower back, biceps

Women are fatter than most men are because of two reasons biological and female hormones.

The body fat content of normal-sized women is 25% (and 15% for men).All other factors such as age, exercise intensity and levels are equal.

Female hormones easily convert food into fat. Estrogen, for instance, increases the deposition of fats.

Another factor is birth control pills. These pills, especially for fat-prone women, can cause increased production of water and fat.

To fight weight problems, exercise for woman is the key. To trim down your choices, here is a list of things to remember:

Cardiovascular exercise for women

Cardiovascular exercise for woman may depend on your needs and goals. Factors such as intensity and duration should also be considered. These are the best exercise for woman to lose weight.

Such exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, cycling, running, sprints, swimming and circuit training such as aerobics, taebo and the likes.

Arm exercise for woman
As you lose weight, your arms will show an upper arm flab. In order to show your biceps off, you need get rid of this flab by performing arm exercise for woman.

The best exercise for woman is those arm training that can target the arms as well as the entire upper body.

Such exercises include the traditional push-ups, triceps dips and bicep curls which you can all execute at home.

For those without exercise equipment for woman at home

you can go to the gym and use chest presses, shoulder press, triceps pushdown, lat pull downs and curl machine.

Chest Exercise for Woman
The woman’s chest is the most visible part of the body. Your upper and lower chest could be targeted separately.

In targeting your upper chest, choose incline movements by performing chest exercise for woman such as the flat bench workout. In order to develop your outer chest, you should perform flys and different dip exercises.

Abdominal Exercise for Woman

One of the most impressive body parts of a woman is a flat stomach.

Although the abdomen is round-shaped, its muscles can be developed to obtain impressive abs.

There are three traditional and most effective abdominal exercise for woman.

These include the bicycle maneuver, the captain’s chair and crunches on exercise ball.

Back exercise for woman
For women who desire to wear backless blouses and straps, developing your back muscles can be a great help. In addition, back exercise for woman could prevent the risks of osteoporosis and other back-related disorders.

In able to target your back muscles, you need to perform any or a combination or deadlifts, bent over rows, t-bar rows and low pulley row. All of these back exercises promote strong upper, middle and lower back enabling you to acquire flexibility, endurance and resistance.

For an advanced training, you may even want to perform Bodybuilding exercise for woman. Bodybuilding requires dedication, discipline, intense training and balanced diet.

Women with special needs - such as pregnant women and those with scoliosis - should consult with their physician which exercises will fit their needs. Exercise for pregnant woman involves the development of the upper body, abdominal muscles and lower body.

Exercise for pregnant woman includes upper back stretching, pelvic tilt, sit-ups, calf stretching, kegels and squatting. However, before doing any of these exercises, remember to maintain proper posture and consult with your doctor first

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