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Vitamins B

Once this Vitamin was considered a single Vitamin, much like Vitamin C or Vitamin D. At present, Vitamin B refers to a complex of several Vitamins. Later research has shown it is in fact a complex of chemically distinct Vitamins, paving the way to the coinage of the term “Vitamin B complex”, lest the specific names of each health Vitamin.

The components of the Vitamin B complex often work together to deliver a number of health benefits to the body.

Ingested by way of Vitamin supplements or precursors, B Vitamins have been shown to bolster metabolism,

maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, enhance immune and nervous system function, promote cell growth and division including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.

In all, they are found to be the best Vitamin to help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

All B Vitamins are water soluble, whether partaken from liquid Vitamin or whole food Vitamin. They are dispersed throughout the body and must be replenished daily with any excess excreted in the urine.

Vitamin B is a natural Vitamin, even an herbal Vitamin, as it can be derived from natural-occurring sources such as potatoes, bananas, cereal, lentils, liver, turkey, and tuna. Brewer's yeast is hailed as an especially good source of Vitamin B.

At the same time, intake of Vitamin supplements is increasingly the popular means of increasing one's Vitamin B allowance.

Such supplements can be purchased at supermarkets, health centers, Vitamin stores or Vitamin shoppes.

he B Vitamins
The B-complex Vitamins are composed of eight individual Vitamins, which include thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9), cyanocobalamin (B12), pantothenic acid and biotin.

Thiamine (B1)
Thiamine is crucial for the metabolism of carbohydrates into the simple sugar glucose. Additionally, thiamine is also important for the stability of the nervous system.

Though thiamine deficiency is rare, it nevertheless occurs in alcoholics, because alcohol interferes with the absorption of thiamine through the intestines.However, excessive dosage of thiamine has not been associated with pernicious health repercussions.

Riboflavin (B2)
Riboflavin is pivotal in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is also significant in the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes.

This B-Vitamin also acts as a coenzyme for oxidation-reduction reactions throughout the body. Deprive your body of riboflavin and skin disorders can emerge, as well as inflammation of the soft tissue lining around the mouth and nose, anemia. Your eyes can become photosensitive in the process too.

Get this all-important B-Vitamin from whole-grain products, milk, meat, eggs, cheese and peas. Otherwise, there are cheap Vitamins around offering riboflavin.

Niacin (B3)
Also known as nicotinic acid and nicotinamide, niacin is equal parts needed for the metabolism of food, the maintenance of healthy skin, nerves and the gastrointestinal tract.

A deprivation of this B-Vitamin causes the disease pellagra. Throughout history, this disease was often associated with the very poor and was also an antecedent to mental illness.

Niacin is readily edible in protein-rich food such as meats, fish, brewer's yeast, milk, eggs, legumes, potatoes and peanuts.

As a separate Vitamin supplement, niacin can also be prescribed in higher doses to help lower cholesterol.

Pyridoxine (B6)
Like some of the other B Vitamins, pyridoxine, also known as pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine, is needed for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Pyridoxine also has a great part in the production of red blood cells. Excessive dosage of Vitamin B6 is associated with nerve impairment.

Aside from Vitamin supplements, pyridoxine is found in many foods, including liver, organ meats, brown rice, fish, butter, wheat germ, whole grain cereals, soybeans and many others.

Cyanocobalamin (B12)
Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver to sustain a person for many years, but a critical deficiency will cause a disorder known as pernicious anemia. This medical condition causes weakness, numbness of the extremities, pallor, fever and other symptoms. B12 deficiency is also associated with mouth irritation and brain damage. However, these very serious effects are reversible by Vitamin B12 shots.

Vitamin B12 is not endemic in any plant food sources; almost solely bacteria, such as streptomyces griseus, produce it.

Folic acid (B9)
Known by other monikers as folacin and pteroylglutamic acid, folic acid is the hallowed B-complex Vitamin pivotal in the synthesis of DNA. It is no coincidence folic acid that the need for folic acid increases during pregnancy, due to high requirements of the Vitamin from the fetus. Doctors often recommend a 300 mcg. daily Vitamin supplement for pregnant women.

Deprive yourself of folic acid and suffer anemia, poor growth, and irritation of the mouth. Folic acid naturally occurs in yeast, liver, green vegetables, whole grain cereals and many other foods.

Pantothenic Acid and Biotin
Pantothenic acid is recognized for its role in the synthesis of Coenzyme A for biochemical reactions in the body.

The bacteria residing in our intestines produce both pantothenic acid and biotin. There is no known disorder associated with pantothenic acid deficiency, but a deficiency of biotin can cause a skin disorder called scaly dermatitis.


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