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Bodybuiliding Weight Gainers

In bodybuilding, the secret to adding pounds of muscle mass is by eating healthy and balanced food and by constantly maintaining a weight-gaining program.

Simple as this program may sound, eating more is not an easy task to do.

Factors such as lifestyle, time, discipline and determination should be a part of the program.Protein is the number one element of a good diet.

However, not everyone has the time to shop, cook and prepare protein-rich meals.

For this reason, a nutritional supplement known as weight gainers was invented.

Especially for hard gainers,this kind of protein supplement is an option to obtain the needed amount of protein to gain weight.

Weight gainers are Bodybuilding supplement in the form of shakes, which consists of whey, isolates, milk or egg proteins.This form of weight lifting supplement is known for its very high carb content and fructose (simple sugars).

Around the 90’s, this energy supplement became very popular due to its effectiveness.

However, weight gainers are particularly for people who find it hard to gain weight.

Because of this, people who used this health supplement (with 10% or more body fat) resulted in gaining more fats than muscle mass.

Hard gainers and people with body fat lower than 10 percent find these building muscle supplement effective in gaining quality muscles.

When weight gainers was first introduced in the market, it was considered discount supplement as a form of protein powders that contain large amounts of fats and sugar to boost one’s calorie intake.

In choosing the best nutritional supplement as a weight gainer, factors such as biological value, sugar content, macronutrient ratio and price.

Biological value (BV) is commonly used in herbal supplement, fat loss supplement, natural supplement and other kinds of nutritional supplement, which refers to a computation that calculates how fast the body absorbs and uses the protein.

For hard gainers, protein supplements that have higher biological value to ensure you are getting enough valuable proteins.

High BV products include whey protein isolates (159), whey protein concentrate (104) and whole eggs (100).Knowing the content of sugar in weight gainers is important because some people experience headaches, irritability and drowsiness with excessively high sugar intake.

In addition to this, protein supplement with plenty of sugar gives an insulin spike that leads to fat storage. The recommended sugar content of weight gainers should range from 30 to 60 grams.

Unlike the average bodybuilder, hard gainers should befriend unsaturated fats to increase calorie content. For the energy supplement to work effectively, weight gainers should contain twice as many carbohydrates as protein and twice as much protein as fats.

Although you could purchase weight gainers on nutritional online supplement stores ranging prices from $15 to $100, you could also make your own natural weight gainer shake.

An important thing to remember about weight gainers protein supplements is that it should be combined with proper diet and a workout program. Without these two important factors, weight gainers will work - but your body will end up as fat storage.




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