Bodybuilding Push Ups Chest Exercise

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Push-Ups- Chest Exercises

Pushups are the most traditional chest exercise. It can be performed by both men and women, even without going to the gym. It can be executed as a chest exercise at home, at work, or anywhere you feel like it.

This kind of exercise requires strength from your upper chest, lower chest, triceps and shoulders.

For this reason, you need to prepare your upper body by performing other chest building exercises.

Some workouts you should focus on are dumbbell chest workouts, shoulder and chest presses, triceps dips and other inner chest exercises.

Yet, the best chest exercise that will prepare you in doing pushups are by just doing push ups.

For beginners, it is best to start with incline push ups to help your body adjust to this upper chest exercise.

To perform this, find any sturdy object such as a wall or a tree. Face your choice of object and stand at least two feet in front it with your feet slightly apart. Extend your arms and press it against the object.

As you keep your spine straight, your neck and head should always be in line with it.

Then, inhale freely while slowly lowering your body to the object. Hold this position at least two seconds and exhale while slowly pushing away.

Do three sets of 10 reps of this chest muscle exercise.

If you find incline push ups to be of no challenge, you may switch to either military push ups or modified push ups.

The difference between these two kinds of push ups lies in one’s exercise tolerance.

If you are unable to pull yourself up, modified push ups are perfect for you.It is performed by getting down on the mattress with your knees slightly bent and hands pressed against the floor.

As you inhale, lower you chest at least three inches to the floor.

As you exhale, straighten your arms to support the entire upper body and return to the starting position.

For an effective chest exercise, do at least three sets of 10 reps.The most famous type of this chest exercise is the military push-ups.

It is done lying facedown on the floor. Raise your body using your hands and toes while contracting abdominal muscles.

As you inhale, lower you body by bending your elbows within two to three inches to the floor.

Then, exhale while pushing your body back to the starting position.

Because not any one could instantly perform a military push up, it is considered a man chest exercise.

Complex push-ups such as decline push-ups, one-leg push-ups, modified one-arm push ups and the triangle push-ups are performed by those who are able to execute the simpler chest building exercises comfortably.

These kinds of push-ups are perfect for those searching for a challenging chest muscle exercise.

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