Bodybuilding WorkOut Tips - Points to Avoid While Exercise

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Point to be Avoid while Exercise

Bodybuilding is a discipline that involves hundreds of rules, hours of determination, buckets of sweat and various diet changes.

As a beginner, don’t be overwhelmed by the millions of free Bodybuilding tip you receive from gym-buddies and instructors daily.

Don’t worry about all those Bodybuilding tips just yet. You will be able to memorize them by heart as your weight training program progress.

However, the following “points to avoid while exercise” should be practiced by all bodybuilders whether you are undergoing basic training, advanced training or professional training.


NOT warming up and Stretching
Weight lifting could cause muscle strains and pulls, which could lead to serious injuries. Stretching and warm ups can also improve your overall performance. This is probably the most important Bodybuilding tip that you should follow ALWAYS.

  • NOT changing the workout routine
    Many bodybuilders perform the same weight lifting training for months. Although it could develop muscles, varying your exercise and technique could maximize your gains. Change your grip and angle or increase the intensity.

  • Excessive use of straps and belts
    In weight lifting, these tools can yield better results. However, using straps and belts can also lead to possible muscle imbalances and injuries.


NOT eating protein-rich foods
The most common Bodybuilding nutrition tip is that protein is the key to a complete weight lifting program.

As redundant as it may seem, protein is really an important part of your diet to promote muscle growth and increase energy.

NOT eating breakfast
Whether you are weight training or not, breakfast is the most important meal.

The most important Bodybuilding nutrition tip to follow is to eat healthy and balanced breakfasts daily.

NOT drinking water
Contrary to popular belief, cold water can increase metabolism.

Dehydration could cause fatigue, dizziness and overeating.  The average person requires at least 8oz of water daily.


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