Dumbbell Curls Exercise

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Dumbbell Curls Exercise - Arms Exercise

Dumbbell curls is one of the basic and most common exercise for arms. The primary muscles worked during dumbbell curls are the biceps.

Secondary are the forearms, traps, and shoulders. Dumbbell curls is a great exercise for flabby arms.

It is primarily an exercise to tone arms. You can do this either standing or sitting down.

The only equipment you’ll be needing is dumbbells and if you are sitting down, a ball to sit down on.

This is performed by hold the dumbbells by your side with your palms facing inward.

If you are doing it standing up, picking the barbells up off the floor, make sure you use your legs to help lift the weight.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart to give yourself a sturdy base. If you are sitting down, sit on a big ball, with your back and head straight, and palms facing forward.

Seated or standing curl the weight up while keeping your elbows steady at your waist. "As you curl up your palms should begin to face your chest as you lift the weight. After fully contracting the bicep, lower the dumbbell in a reverse manner rotating your hand back to its original position while keeping control.

You can also do the curls alternate. This isolates the biceps of each arm making it a good exercise for thinner arms.

In this variation of a Dumbbell Curl, you curl the dumbbells alternately, first one arm and then the other, it gives you a better sense of isolation, allowing you to concentrate your energy on one arm at a time.

Keep alternate curling until you have completed the necessary repetitions for both arms.

To get the best possible range of motion, fully extend and contract the arm.

Allow yourself to move naturally throughout this combined arms exercise. Your upper body should be leaning slightly forward when you start.

As you curl, your back moves to an upright position. You will be limiting the amount of weight you can use if you try to keep your back totally still while curling. Take note that ultra strict form will actually leave you more susceptible to injury because the movement is not natural.

But you should always maintain control over the weight, especially as you lower the dumbbells to their starting position.

It is very important that you fully stretch and contract the bicep every time. Do not curl the dumbbell past the point where tension leaves the biceps.

Dumbbell curls are a great exercise for the upper arms. Dumbbells allow you to supinate your wrist bringing into play the rotational aspect of the biceps, unlike using a bar.

Doing this combined arms exercise regularly will result in slim arms, for it is surely an exercise to tone arms.

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