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Dips - Chest Exercises

Dips are one of the most traditional and best chest exercise invented. It is an exercise used in building the triceps and chest and works as an upper chest exercise in promoting flexibility.

Although it can also work on your triceps, deltoids and shoulders, dips are considered as a more complex lower chest exercise.

Although originated as a man chest exercise due to the muscle exertion involved in this exercise, it is also recommended as a chest exercise for woman.

Usually, dips are performed on any apparatus similar to two parallel bars, which are shoulder-width and at least three feet high.

Dip bars are normal part of the chest exercise equipments found in gyms. These parallel bars or dip stations can be v-shaped or parallel.

The standard dip equipment should be just outside the shoulder width. However, it can easily be done as a chest exercise at home by finding an alternative apparatus similar to those found in gyms. Since dips function by stretching the chest, shoulders and triceps to the maximum, it is an effective chest building exercise.

The development of your muscles will depend entirely on the body position you choose to execute while performing dips.

If you lean forward, it will emphasize on your chest, triceps and shoulders.

For a chest muscle exercise, the position of your hands should be slightly wider than the width of your shoulders.

It is known that the best chest exercise makes you lift your entire body weight.

This is what dip exercises particularly does. For this reason, the chests are defined throughout the exercise.

Dips are done by gripping the bars making your palms facing each other. As you lean your torso forward, bend your knees and straighten your arms.

While slowly bending your arms, lower your body as you let your elbows flare out into a 90-degree angle.

Your body should be lowered until your shoulder joints are below the joints of your elbows.

Hold this position for at least two seconds and slowly push yourself straight up with both control and power.

Do at least five repetitions of this chest muscle exercise.In chest building exercises such as dips, your own body weight is used as resistance.

If your body has adjusted, you can perform ten or more full-ranged dips to work as an inner chest exercise. You may increase the resistance by adding weight by turning the dips into a dumbbell chest exercise.

Dip belt, rope, chain or weight plate may be used as additional weight.

However, it is important to note that when adding accessories, always increase in the smallest weight increments possible. Refrain from pushing yourself from adding excessive weight that the body cannot handle.

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