Bodybuilding Pullover Exercise

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PullOver- Chest Exercises

In essence, a pullover is a chest building exercise also used for training muscles of the back.

A pullover is a superb lift for developing strength and mass specifically in the upper back and chest.

As long as you keep the emphasis of the weight on the upper back and chest and do not let it move to the shoulders and rotator cuffs, things will go that way.

Many bodybuilders use this upper chest exercise as an accessory lift, any more than not going heavy enough with it.

When doing this dumbbell chest exercise, be sure to have a good spotter when going heavy as nobody wants to drop a huge dumbbell on his or her head.

The straighter you keep your arms, the more a pullover works the upper back.

Plus the more you bend the arms, the more this chest muscle exercise works the upper and inner chest. Begin by choosing a heavier dumbbell and lie face up on a step or bench. Remember to first suspend the dumbbell in your grip straight up overhead.

Using control and maintaining back contact with the bench, slowly lower the weight behind your head in a semicircular motion, descending as low as you can without pain.

Squeeze your back to pull the weight back up to starting position. Remember to keep your elbows in when performing such dumbbell chest exercise.

A more challenging variation for this chest building exercise is the use of pullovers with the tube and dumbbells.

Start by attaching tube to a sturdy object near the floor, and then position the step or bench in front of the tube.

Intertwine the tube around a medium dumbbell and maintain a grasp of the weight as you get into position.

Then gently lower the weight behind you, keeping the elbows bent.

Descend as far as your flexibility allows and contract the back to pull the weight back up.

Be very careful with this move: if you find the tube sags at the bottom of the movement, you can turn the dumbbell, wrapping more of the tubing around it.

It should be of note that only those adept at dumbbell pullovers should add any type of tubing to this exercise.

Do not opt for reaching back behind you to pick up the weight; simply remove the tube and do it with the dumbbell or skip the move altogether.

This chest exercise can be for the man or woman alike.

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