Bodybuilding Bicep Injury During Exercise

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Bicep Injury - Injury During Exercise

A bicep injury can happen when a bodybuilder’s bicep muscle has been worked or strained too hard, especially when one lifts in poor form.

There are two common types of bicep injury, the first being a tear of the bicep tendon around the shoulder area, and the second a tear of the bicep muscle around the elbow.

A tear of the bicep tendon is common in older individuals, who are susceptible to arthritic changes.

The second bicep injury, a tear of the muscle proximate to the elbow, is more common in bodybuilders.

Attempting to lift heavy weights with a muscle that is not correctly warmed up makes one prone to this muscle damage.

Warming up the bicep muscles properly before starting a workout always prevents a bicep injury.

One can warm up biceps by way of a good row machine or executing bicep curls with an empty bar (do about 40 minimum).

It must be remembered in order to prevent injuries that exercising the biceps requires the prospective bodybuilder to stand erect.

Elbows must lean close to the sides and they must not be lifted.

Improper wrist position can also render one vulnerable to biceps injury. When one does the curl, the hand must be directly brought to the shoulder.

The prospective bodybuilder must also use lifts that allow repetitions from six to ten and optimally works the biceps.

It is good sense not to lunge into a heavy bicep routine after not training for 6 months.After any bicep injury, bicep injury exercises in a rehabilitation routine are absolutely necessary.

Bicep tendonitis:

Also called bicipital tendonitis, biceps tendonitis refers to the inflammation, pain, or tenderness in the region of the biceps tendon in the front part of the shoulder or upper arm.

Biceps tendonitis is usually associated with rotator cuff pathology and impingement and attributed to causes like repetitive overuse, multidirectional instability, calcifications into the tendon and direct trauma.

Overhead activities and lifting must be avoided at first when one is in convalescence with biceps tendonitis.

To treat biceps tendonitis, activity modification, anti-inflammatory measures, heat and cold modalities, and a therapeutic exercise program for promoting strength and flexibility of the dynamic shoulder stabilizers are often prescribed.

In particular, bicep injury exercise for bicep injury rehabilitation is paramount.Rehabilitation for biceps tendonitis is similar to that of rotator cuff tendonitis, yet rehabilitation for biceps tendonitis implies rehabilitation for the shoulder as well.

This is because biceps tendonitis does not happen in isolation.

Bodybuilding Injury During Exercise
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