Bodybuilding Shoulders Exercise

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Upright Rows- Shoulders Exercise

The Upright Row exercise is performed in order to develop the shoulders and traps. It is basically a weight lifting shoulder exercise performed while standing, holding a weight hanging down in the hands and lifting it straight up to the collarbone. It is an exercise for the chest shoulder.

Furthermore, upright rows are reputed for focusing on both the traps and shoulders.

This shoulder exercise utilizes dumbbells, pulling these weights up to your chest, keeping it close to your body, leading with your elbows.

As a result, not only the shoulders are worked but also the trapezius and the biceps.

Aside from dumbbells, barbell, Smith machine or cable machine can be employed.

By and large, these shoulder strengthening exercises work the middle head of the deltoid muscle.

Yet for all its benefits, the upright row is one of the most harmful ever. The prospective bodybuilder must contend with the positionthe arms must be in this shoulder muscle exercise to perform the movement.

Such position is termed "internal rotation”, in which you hold your arms straight out to the sides with your palms down.

Then you rotate your hands forward as if you were pouring out a glass of wine in each.

To execute the upright row, the arms are bent at the elbow then internally rotated.

The problem arises in internal rotation when you raise the arms up and add resistance in that position.

Every time you raise the weight, impingement occurs at a small tendon in your shoulder. These circumstances eventually stake claims to injury caused by this Bodybuilding shoulder exercise.

Many claim that the injury may cause the tendon to gradually become worn down and damaged over time.

Improper execution can lead to long-term shoulder pain and injury.

Novice bodybuilders should avoid this exercise completely.

In any case, the shoulders could not get any more defined than doing this at least.

The main muscles worked in this strengthening exercise are the shoulders, but biceps and traps are also worked out nevertheless.

This compound mechanics-type exercise is begun by standing with your feet approximately shoulder width apart.

Held about 10 inches apart from ach other, the dumbbells must be hanging against your upper thighs. Pull dumbbells straight upward until nearly at par with your chin. Keep the elbows jutting up and out while maintaining bodily proximity to the weights.

Gently return to the starting position and finish repetitions. Such dumbbell shoulder exercise will tone and strengthen your shoulder muscles.


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