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Shrugs - Shoulders Exercise

Not too many people realize that the traps are in effect one large muscle that attaches at the top of the neck, spreads to the shoulder attachment along the clavicle bone and all the way down to the middle of your back, tying in your shoulders and laterals.

This diamond-shaped muscle is even larger than the abdominals.

Also known as the monkshood muscle, the trapezoid is located on the upper back and shoulders.

The moniker was so conferred as you can imagine an actual hood attached to the body.

The muscle is crucial to carrying or assisting in all lifts that go from a lower point to a higher point.

The other function of the traps is to counter the action of the chest.

Whereas the pectoral muscles move the arms in front of the chest, the traps, in converse, move them out of that position and allow you to retract or open your arms.The traps are responsible for retracting the scapulae, in short.

The traps are developed in a very attainable method, by any shoulder muscle exercise or weight lifting shoulder exercise.

They are perhaps the most effective muscle in the body. They respond even to the shortest amount of exercise in the condition that you give them the necessary stimulation.

Since many shoulder exercises train the traps in the process, exercises focusing on the traps may be deemed overkill.

Nevertheless, the traps should be given special attention and the best shoulder

exercise is the shrug and all its variations of Bodybuilding shoulder exercises.The basic barbell shrug is still the preferred mass builder for this muscle.

Begin by holding a barbell in both hands, about shoulder width apart. Lean in a little bit and try to touch your shoulders to your ears.

Another variation of this shoulder strengthening exercise is employing dumbbells.

This is first executed by standing straight up with your feet at shoulder width.

Hold the two dumbbells with your arms hanging at the sides.

Sink the shoulders down as far as possible, then raise shoulders up as far as you can go.

Slowly revert to the starting position. This dumbbell shoulder exercise is sure to flex and tone those muscles.

You can also choose to rotate your shoulders by going up in a circular motion from front to rear and then back down. This shoulder and back exercise should give you well-built muscles all the way.



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