Military Press Bodybuilding Exercises

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Military Raise- Shoulders Exercise

Soldier, commence pressing position!
Also known as the shoulder press, the military press is a great basic shoulder strengthening exercise that will not only sculpt your shoulders, but also strengthen important core muscles.

The military press traces its origins to the early history of weightlifting.

A version of the exercise contested in the Olympics well until 1972.

This prototype is described as a "classical" lift that has evolved over time into numerous variations of what is now known as the shoulder press.

Today the military press involves equipment like dumbbells, barbell, Smith machine or shoulder press machine.

This is a shoulder muscle exercise that also involves the trapezius and the triceps.

Apart from developing the shoulders and arms, the primary benefit of this weight lifting shoulderexercise is strengthening postural stabilizer muscles as well as those of theentire shoulder girdle.

This shoulder strengthening exercise has also been found to be ideal for stimulating bone growth in women diagnosed with osteoporosis.

It is also ideal for elderly individuals trying to maintain functional strength,as well as for athletes wanting toincrease functionaland sport-specific strength.

But then, the military press is rarely performed in local gyms.

Instead it is a common sight to see the seated shoulder press, performed with a barbell either in front or behind the neck.

Many claim the seated position functions as back support and will reduce the risk of injury. In any case, lifters were able to increase their poundage.

To perform this shoulder muscle exercise or military press, you will need a barbell in a squat rack or power cage. Do not immediately go for the 45-pound barbell; see if there is any lighter bar that you can use.Clutch the bar and pull yourself under it so that the bar is resting on the anterior deltoid. Select a grip that is just outside of shoulder width.

Your hands must not be touching the shoulders at the start position, elbows high and in front of you.Tighten your abs to circumvent arching of the back.

This shoulder and back exercise will work those muscles out they way they should be.With all your might, press the bar straight up.

Continue its upward movement once the bar has cleared forehead level. Proceed with this movement until the arms are fully extended.

A safer alternative for the military press, is keeping the weights in front of your head.

Execute presses up and down from the nose or chin level, going no lower than the collarbone.Never forget to sit straight against a back support, and keep the natural curve in your spine, with upper back and glutes glued to the chair.

The military press could arguably be the best shoulder exercise there is. Just make sure to practice care and regularity in doing this Bodybuilding shoulder exercise.



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