Bodybuilding Dumbbell Front Raise

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Dumbbell Front Raise - Shoulders Exercise

Doing shoulder exercises involve three different muscle groups - side deltoids, rear deltoids and the front deltoids. Together they compose the shoulder muscle framework.

All dumbbell shoulder exercise routines cover front raises, since the anterior heads make up the front third of your deltoids.

This section of the deltoids allows you to move your arms upward and forward.

At any rate, the size of the shoulders is noticeable when the body is fully swathed in form-fitting clothes.

To those ends, shoulder muscle exercises will not only make more masculine aesthetics but also plays an important aspect of the upper body weight training regime.


Most bodybuilding enthusiasts are attracted to the rewarding shoulder strengthening exercise of building deltoids because of its range of motion. Honing the shoulder muscles to an ideal requires a variety of bodybuilding shoulder exercises as the fibers of the shoulder angle in different directions.

One such best shoulder exercise is the front dumbbell raise, which isolates the deltoid muscles.

A critical principle for this weight lifting shoulder exercise is to keep a slight flexion at the elbow while lifting the weight just above shoulder level.

Stand with a dumbbell in the grasp of each hand, palms facing backward.

Your feet should be planted about shoulder width apart. Simulate a wide arc by lifting the weight in your left hand in front of you until it is slightly higher than shoulder height.

You must pause at the top of the range of motion - when you’ve reached shoulder height - and with a smooth, restrained motion, lower the dumbbell while simultaneously lifting the weight in your right hand, so that both arms are in motion at the same time.

In order not to defeat the purpose of this shoulder exercise, you must not swing or lean backwards.

This shoulder strengthening exercise can also be performed with two dumbbells at the same time or a barbell.

Else, front raises can be performed with cable attachments. Hold with one hand the cable attachment attached to the low pulley.

With face away from the pulley, put your arm straight down. Keep body straight and elbow nearly locked while raising your arm up in front of your body.

Never swing in so doing and go up to about eye level, and then slowly return to the commencing position. Complete the repetitions then switch arms.


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