Bodybuilding Shoulders Exercises

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Behind The Neck Press - Shoulders Exercise

From some perspective, well-formed shoulders accentuate your biceps and arms, making them appear more defined and large.

The way to get such attractive shoulders is to do shoulder strengthening exercises.

Behind The Neck Press is a commendable shoulder exercise, in fact, possibly the best shoulder exercise.

Aside from training shoulder (deltoid) muscles, this exercise trains the neck (traps).

It is performed back just above the trap muscle. Other muscles worked are the triceps.

This Bodybuilding shoulder exercise is usually executed by placing a loaded barbell onto your upper back, but if you prefer, you can lift weights to the front.

Trainees have experienced injuries from this behind-the-neck motion.Stick with dips and bench presses for shoulder strengthening exercises.

With the use of either dumbbells or a barbell, the press behind the neck can be performed in spite of, either by standing or sitting.

The method in preference though is sitting with a barbell.

Keeping your back straight and flexed, this shoulder muscle exercise is first done by sitting down on a bench equipped with back support and special supports.

The barbell rests on a rack behind your neck. Press your back firmly against the padding for support, then clutch the barbell evenly with hands spaced a little more than shoulder width apart.

Your feet are both planted firmly on the floor. Lift the weight off the rack, and then press the bar directly over your head in a vertical line.

After doing so, lower the bar behind your head slowly to just below the ears.Without bounding the weight, push the bar back up.

Be reminded that the back must be kept straight and no arching is allowed.

Do fluent, slow, and controlled repetitions of this movement.

By doing this weight lifting shoulder exercise, your shoulder muscles are made stronger.

To do this shoulder strengthening exercise in standing position, place a barbell on your upper back.

Standing with your feet spaced about shoulder width apart and keeping hands about 4 - 6 inches wider than shoulder width, press bar overhead to arm's length. Lower the weight slowly back down to your shoulders. Remember to keep your legs straight at all times.




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