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Egg Protein Info - Protein Powders

There are four kinds of protein nutritional supplement powders - soy, rice, whey and egg. Protein supplement powders can contain any one of these, a mixture of two, three or a combination of all proteins.

Egg protein nutritional supplement are made from egg whites and contains high protein content and free of fat.

It is considered the best nutritional supplement in regards to protein sources because it is complete with glutamic acid, essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids.

In fact, egg natural supplement was the first protein powder in the market. All egg proteins are those contained in chicken eggs.

As an energy supplement, it has high quality proteins and fairly inexpensive Egg health supplement powders are easily

absorbed by the body. Since eggs have the highest protein efficiency rates, it has been used by many bodybuilders and weightlifters for decades. Protein supplement formulas of egg protein may be derived from egg albumen and whole eggs, which differ in calorie and protein ratio, nutrient and fat content.

Egg nutritional supplement can be a good part of a healthy diet. It contains many Vitamins and minerals, such as natural Vitamin D.

Various egg protein supplement can be purchased in health stores, nutritional online supplement shops, and drugstores.

You may choose from different forms (powder, bar, liquid) and flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, etc).

Most Bodybuilding supplement in the form of egg protein powders contain an impressive nutritional equivalent of around seven egg whites.

However, there are other weight lifting supplement that may contain a mixture of whey and egg proteins.A regular egg has an energy value of 318 kilojoules. Hence, if a person consumes an egg daily,

it would give 3%-4% of the daily average energy requirement of an adult man and woman respectively.

Weight lifting supplement in the egg powder form can be a practical , easily monitored, healthy and affordable way in maintaining the daily protein requirement.

This is the main reason why many bodybuilders (excluding those with egg allergies) prefer egg protein.

However, excessive intake of egg protein supplement can be dangerous and should be avoided. Consult your nutritionist for your daily protein requirement.


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