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Protein products - Muscle Builders

Protein, which comprises of 20 percent of your body weight, is the building blocks of the human body.

Several body structures - such as bones, skeletal muscles, tissues, hair, skin and nails - are made up of protein.

The main reason why bodybuilders consume protein six times a day is that up to 70 percent of the body’s protein is found in the skeletal muscles.

For this reason, muscle growth will only be possible if the daily protein intake is greater than the body expends.

As a building muscle supplement, protein supplements are the most extensively used health supplement by both athletic and non-athletic groups.

Protein supplements can also be an alternative for fat loss supplements.

Since proteins aid in building muscles, the muscles become responsible for burning excess fats.Protein supplements can be purchased anywhere, from nutritional online supplement stores to health shops and groceries. There are several varieties of protein supplements to fit your personal preferences and taste.

Although all forms of protein supplements help in developing muscles, each have unique taste, effects, brand and biological value.

The biological value is an important value to measure how well your body can absorb and utilize the protein.

The following are the major protein supplements in the market, including how each protein differs from the next.

1) Whey protein supplements (Isolates & Concentrates)

Whey Bodybuilding supplements reduces muscle stress, improves immunity, boosts liver functions; reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels. It also helps in fighting HIV as well as reduces overtraining.

According to studies, the best nutritional supplement among all protein supplements is whey protein. It can be digested easily and has the highest biological value of any kind of protein.

2) Egg protein supplements
Egg protein is a natural supplement, obtained from chicken egg whites.

Compared to whey proteins, eggs are released gradually into the body - making it a perfect supplement for whole day use.

Originally, bodybuilders separate the egg whites from the yolks and drink raw egg whites before workout. Today, egg whites are processed in the form of egg protein powders.

3) Milk protein supplements (Calcium Casseinate and Miscellar casein)
With a high biological value, but much lesser than eggs,

milk proteins are released into the bloodstream slowly. All kinds of milk protein supplements improve the growth of muscles and enhance immune function.

4) Soy protein supplements
Soy has been proven to act as the best nutritional supplement in fighting serious conditions such as breast and prostate cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. However, soy as a weight lifting supplement may not be helpful to male bodybuilders because of its anti-testosterone utilization effects.

5) Protein products
Protein supplements available in the market include weight gainers, meal replacement powders, protein bars, protein powders and beef liver tablets.

Depending on each brand, these protein products may include any or all of protein sources (whey, egg, milk, soy). The dosage will also depend on the nutritional value of each product. Protein is part of a person’s daily nutrition.

Choose your Bodybuilding supplements wisely.

Although bodybuilders require more protein intake, maintaining a balanced carb-fat-protein ratio should always be followed.



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