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Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone hormone is a natural supplement occurring in the body, which stimulates and manipulates the growth of skin, bones, muscles, sex organs, and other physical features of men.

Testosterone is produced by a group cells called Leydig cells inside the male testes.

When a man enters puberty, these cells are responsible for the testosterone secretion, bone development, sex organ growth, boosting of energy level and enhanced lean muscle mass.

The major cause of testosterone deficiency is aging. An average man in his 60’s usually loses up to 50 % of his testosterone reserves.

Other causes of testosterone deficiency include:

* Drinking
* Insomnia or lacking of sleep

* Emotional Stress
* Physical inactivity
* Prescribed drugs

When a man experiences fatigue, weight gain, irritability, depression, hair loss, low sex drive, skin problems and weakening of muscles and bones - his levels of testosterone are decreasing. The best nutritional supplements to counter these symptoms are natural testosterone boosters.

Bodybuilders recognize their need for testosterone health supplements to maximize the potential workout gain.

The two most widespread natural testosterone boosters in the marker are ZMA and tribulus terrestris.

Various weight lifting supplements could increase testosterone levels.These include:

1) Zinc nutritional supplements - helps in repairing tissues, building muscles, increasing recovery, promoting healing and optimizing testosterone levels.

2) Magnesium energy supplements - increase oxygen transport to muscle tissues, improves endurance, promotes muscle strength and helps in relaxation. These building muscle supplements increases the body’s zinc levels.

These two important trace mineral supplement Vitamin can be consumed separately or by taking multi-Vitamins.

According to studies, ZMA (Zinc & magnesium) Bodybuilding supplements could increase the growth of testosterone and other hormones.

This energy supplement also helps in improving alertness, muscle strength and endurance, as well as decreasing water retention, muscle craps and risks injuries.

On the other hand, tribulus terrestris is a native plant found in Asia, Australia,

Europe and other desert-climate places with poor soil.As a herbal supplement, it can increase sex drive and builds muscles. This natural testosterone booster works by increasing LH (luteinizing hormone) levels - which is tells the body to produce testosterone.

Natural testosterone boosters works by building muscles and act as a weight loss supplement because of its fat-burning effects. Although these herbal supplements are generally safe, it is not necessary to take all Bodybuilding supplements at the same time or continuously.

Natural testosterone boosters could yield results in about six weeks of use.


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