Leg Curl Exercise

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Leg Curl- Leg Exercise

The Leg Curl exercise is the most common hamstring, the muscles along the rear of your thighs, exercise

you will see in the gym, though the hamstrings are actually one of the most neglected parts on the body.

It is one of the best leg exercises for both men and women.It’s a good exercise to slim legs.

It is important and useful to describe in detail the processes involved in actually doing this leg muscle exercise.

This helps beginners to start out using the correct techniques.

It also helps more experienced lifters to correct some of the little faults that have almost unnoticeably crept in over the years.

To begin this leg and thigh exercise, first, select the appropriate weight for you. Lie on the Leg Curl machine comfortably, chest flat on it while placing the ankles behind and in contact with the foot pad.

The pad should be positioned about two to three inches above the heel and below your calf when you are in the prone position.

Place the legs parallel to each other and hang the knees slightly off the edge of the knee pad.

Grasp the handles while you rest your elbow and forearms on the pad.

Then, raise the weight slowly until comfortable until your knees are fully flexed, while holding on to the hand grips and keeping your hips down against the bench.

Squeeze at the top then lower the weight in a controlled fashion to the starting position. Repeat.

In doing this leg extension exercise, do not use momentum to swing the weight up as this will reduce the effectiveness of the leg muscle exercise.

Do not let your hips to come up off the bench as you curl up. This takes tension off the hamstrings and can place it on the lower back and glutes instead.

Do not let your hips to come up off the bench as you curl up.

This takes tension off the hamstrings and can place it on the lower back and glutes instead.

Try having a training partner press down on your lower back while you are doing the leg exercise

if you notice that you frequently lift your hips up off the bench as you tire.

This pressure will keep tension on the hamstrings better.

Using too much weight can force you to have to lift your glutes and this can place undue pressure on the lower back. So reduce the weight and concentrate on keeping your hips down.


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