Bodybuilding Half Squat Exercise

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Half Squat- Leg Exercise

Half squats, a leg muscle exercise, are a great exercise to slim leg. It’s a good leg exercise for women whatever your training level maybe. Men or stronger women can choose to use a barbell for this leg exercise.

When using barbells half squats are actually a good leg and butt exercise since

you use your legs and butt to push the weight up.

Rest your back and buttocks against the wall and stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart.

If you are using a barbell use a squat rack to support the weight between sets.

Place a barbell across your back while using your hands and arms to help support it.

Place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart with your toes pointed straight or slightly outward.

This toe position is important to emphasize inner thigh development. Indeed, this leg and thigh exercise is perfect for toning those muscles.

While gently holding in your stomach, slowly slide your back downward and bend your knees breathing in as you do so, lowering your hips into a half squat.

For better balance lift your arms in front of you as you bend your knees.

The first few times, stop the sliding when your thighs form an angle of approximately 45º with the floor.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds.

You will notice how your glutei and quadriceps (the muscle in the front of your thigh) are working.

Then, exert the muscles of your legs and buttocks to go up, and slowly straighten your legs back returning to a standing position.

After completing each movement, rest for about 15 seconds and then repeat the movement till you do a series of up to 5 movements.

As your training in this leg extension exercise improves, you must go even lower, until you manage to hold a position with your knees at a 90º angle.

You should also gradually increase the time you hold the position, until you are able to hold it for 1 whole minute and repeat

it after a 30 second break until completing a series of 5 movements.

If when doing this movement, or on ending this leg exercise, your knees should hurt, stop doing it and consult the physician who prescribed it.

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