Goodmornings Bodybuilding Leg Exercise

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Good Mornings- Leg Exercise

When it comes to one of the best leg exercises, particularly that which works out the lumbar, glutes, and hamstrings, goodmornings are much recommended.

Good movements to do if one has an issue with the arm or shoulder, goodmornings have multiple variations.

Among others, there are variations of this leg exercise, such as wide stance arched back goodmornings, narrow stance rounded back goodmornings, suspended goodmornings, and seated goodmornings.

All the same, these leg muscle exercises can intercept wear and tear on thehands.

Though goodmornings provide great leg exercise, extreme caution should be exercised when doing them.

A little distraction factored in the workout can spell disastrous results. Circulating a lot of blood into the lumbar and glute area is vital, as extra circulation will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

It is always wise not to do a full-range goodmorning to parallel until about the third or forth repetition on each set. Low repetitions like singles, doubles, or triples will probably cause long-term injury.

Bent Legged, Straight Back Goodmorning

Take the suspended barbell from the rack on your shoulders just behind your neck.

Stand with a comfy shoulder width stance, and then bend your knees slightly.

Fix your sights on a spot on the wall in front of you.

That selected spot should be at about belt height.

Instead of leaning or bending forward, focus on pushing your hips backwards.

As your hips move backwards on a horizontal plane the barbell’s motion will scale down a vertical plane.

Slowly descend in the eccentric portion of the movement. Bend until you are angled 90 degrees then return to an upright position, by concentrating on pulling your hips forward on a horizontal plane. Concentration is key in this leg extension exercise.

Stiff Legged Good Morning
Stiff legged goodmornings should only be done light for stretching and warm-ups.

Nevertheless, this variation of the leg exercise is excellent for helping to rehabilitate a pulled hamstring.

Seated Goodmorning
Seated goodmornings are good for isolating the lumbars.

They do this by minimizing the use of the glutes and hamstrings.

This variation is an ideal leg and thigh exercise, and will result in slim legs.

To execute a seated goodmorning, sit on a bench high enough in a way that your femurs (thigh bones) are parallel with the floor and your tibias (shin bones) are angled 90 degrees to your femurs.

Bend forward looking at a spot in front of you at about belt height. Remember not to let your head droop and look down. When your abdominal area comes in contact with the top of your thighs, pause briefly then rise.

If you can, lean forward and your abdominals will drop down between your thighs. Seated good mornings can be done in sets of eight to ten repetitions.This is a good leg exercise for women and that can be practiced at home.

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