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Thyroid Regulators- Fat loss

The thyroid gland, which is a part of the endocrine system, is responsible for adult’s metabolism. For bodybuilders, normal thyroid gland function is important because of several reasons

:It maintains body temperature and controls metabolic rate
It regulates controls the amount of body fat in the body by regulating the speed of fuel consumption for various bodily functions and maintenance.

It is responsible for storing and releasing hormones that affect metabolism

In order to release metabolism-related hormones, the thyroid gland expends the iodine (which you obtain through food) to produce these hormones.

Two kinds of thyroid condition are associated with these hormones hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiency) and hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid hormones).

The best nutritional supplement to counter both these health conditions is thyroid regulators.

For bodybuilders, thyroid regulators are weight loss supplements that can help in reducing body fat and increasing metabolism over a short period. However, these Bodybuilding supplements could cause muscle catabolism.

To ensure safety, consult with a physician and take a blood test. This will determine whether you are hypo or hyperthyroid. This test will also determine which thyroid hormone you require for the building muscle supplement to fit your needs.

The major thyroid hormones are T2(diiodothyronines),T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine).

“T” represents the thyroid hormone and the number beside it represents the amount of iodine molecules it contains.

These fat loss supplements are usually prescribed by doctors for hypothyroid patients.

These health supplements are available in tablet, capsules and sublingual forms.

These weight lifting supplements are seldom prescribed by doctors. T3 or Cytomel used to be a weight loss supplement and a treatment for severe obesity. Because various heart complications interact with T3, it was discontinued.

Bodybuilders prefer T3 thyroid regulators because it works by increasing the metabolic rate of proteins, carbs and fats.

It also stabilizes regular blood flow and heart rate. T3 benefits bodybuilders for its fat-burning effects in a short period, particularly for pre-contests.


These weight lifting supplements can be an alternative way to obtain thyroid hormones. However, the manufacturing process involved in these energy supplements does not guarantee to reach your desired T3 to T4 ratio.

Some manufacturers, such as Armour Thyroid, balance the needed hormone quantities per pill or tablet. In buying powdered thyroid regulators, make sure to buy from a credible manufacturer or know its ingredients.

Thyroid problems can be a hindrance to your bodybuilding or weight loss goals. With a simple blood test, you will determine your thyroid hormone needs. Self-medicating with thyroid regulators may cause side effects. Make sure to consult a physician before taking these weight loss supplements.


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