Bodybuilding Carb Blockers

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Carb Blockers - Fat loss

Carb blockers are a kind of weight loss supplement that prevents a percentage of carbs we consume from being digested. As a result, it reduces your caloric and carb intake, prevents fat storage and encourages weight loss.

According to the manufacturers of this health supplement, carb blockers restrain the production of starch-digesting enzymes known as amylase.

In theory, each tablet could prevent as much as 30 to 45 grams of carbs from entering your body.

For this reason, the popularity of this fat loss supplement has increased matching low-carb diets.

A carb blocker fat loss supplement usually contains wheat germ or white kidney bean extracts, which are responsible to the blocking of carbs into the body.


Instead of being absorbed by the body, carbs passes through the digestive tract and eliminated.Majority of weight loss supplements, such as carb or fat blockers, contain an ingredient called chitosan - a Chinese, shellfish-derived substance similar to fiber.

This kind of so-called “natural supplement” are supposed to be taken before meals to prevent the absorption of carbs effectively.

However, when used for weight maintenance, this nutritional supplement should only be taken before any high-carb meal.

In the 1980’s the FDA pulled out several carb blocker health supplements out of the market because consumers experienced bloating, nausea, gas, diarrhea and vomiting.

Although some carb blocks improved their quality, these fat loss supplements still cause these side effects and could lead to fat-soluble Vitamin deficiencies.

A bottle of carb blocker weight lifting supplements vary in prices depending on the brand. It ranges from $20 to $30 for a 120-casule bottle.

Although earlier studies regarding this Bodybuilding supplement deems carb blockers to be ineffective, recent studies show that high levels of bean extract (6,000mg) and wheat germ extract (4,000) slow down the digestion of carbs.

However, this fat loss supplement has not been proven to aid weight reduction.

Nonetheless, the carb blockers sol in nutritional online supplement shops and health stores contain only 500mg of these extracts

which is not nearly close to the theoretically effective dosage.

If you are searching for the best nutritional supplement that could miraculously solve your weight problems, you will only get disappointed.

As you’ve probably heard a million times, the key to weight loss, weight gain and impressive physique are healthy diet and exercise routine. Without these two elements, any fat loss supplement will be of no use.

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