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Vitamins K

Vitamin K, a fat-soluble Vitamin, is plays and important role in blood clotting. It is essential for synthesizing the liver protein that controls the clotting.

It is involved in bone formation and repair. Vitamin K, a natural Vitamin, assists in converting glucose in the intestines to glycogen, which can then be stored in the liver.

There are some studies indicating that Vitamin K may decrease the incidence or severity of osteoporosis and slow bone loss.

Vitamin K, a natural Vitamin, is found in nature in two forms - K1, also called phylloquinone, is found in plants and Vitamin K2, also called menaquinone, which can be synthesized by many bacteria.

Vitamin K3, or sometimes called as menadione, is a synthetic form of this Vitamin which is manmade.

The best Vitamin supplement is found in cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, cereals, soybeans, and other vegetables.

It is also found in cheese, liver, coffee, bacon and green tea.

This health Vitamin is also made by the bacteria that line the gastrointestinal tract.

Its function can be improved with the presence of cultured milk, like yogurt, in the diet.

Vitamin K deficiency is very rare and occurs when there is an inability to absorb the Vitamin from the intestinal tract.

Studies also show that Vitamin Kdeficiency can also occur after prolonged treatment with oral antibiotics.

Individuals with Vitamin K deficiency usually have an increased propensity to bruising and bleeding.A shortage of this Vitamin may also manifest itself in nosebleeds, and internal hemorrhaging.

Absorption may be decreased when rancid fats are present, as well as excessive refined sugar, antibiotics, high dosages of Vitamin E, or calcium and other Vitamin and mineral oils.

When you are prone to bruising easily, or when pregnant you might be in need of more Vitamin K so it is best to take Vitamin supplements.

Vitamin K becomes toxic if taken to much so pregnant women should be careful not to take too much Vitamin K in the last stages of pregnancy.

The best way to get the daily requirement of essential Vitamins is to eat a balanced diet of health food Vitamin.

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