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The Bodybuilding steroid has been a controversial issue since it has been introduced to the athletic group. Due to the aspiration of becoming the next bodybuilding icon, some competitive bodybuilders use performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids.A steroid is a chemical, cholesterol-derived substance.

The safe steroid is naturally produced by the body’s adrenal glands and by the testes for men or ovaries for women.

The human body has natural steroid hormones in the body.

While men have testosterone and cortisol, women have estrogen and progesterone.

Natural steroid helps in metabolism and immune function.

It also controls stress from injuries, illness and inflammation as well as maintains water and salt balance and develops sexual characteristics.

There are two kinds of steroids - catabolic and anabolic. Both steroids affect the body in opposite ways: while the catabolic steroid breaks down body tissues, the anabolic steroid builds up body tissues.

The anabolic steroid, which bodybuilders use, is synthetic modifications of testosterone and mimics the effects of natural steroid the body produces.

Athletes and bodybuilders buy anabolic steroid because it builds bone mass and muscles

By motivating the cells in bone and muscles to produce new proteins.

Because anabolic steroids are generally testosterone, it is the reason why the males are able to workout longer and harder as well as produce large, bulky muscles.

Although anabolic steroids have several side effects such as depression, aggression, mood swings and liver damage, bodybuilders could still buy steroid online and in other underground stores.

When women buy steroid, there are also hormonal side effects that may occur.

These include increased hair growth on body and face, suppression of menstrual cycle, possible infertility, thickening of vocal chords, and interfering with developing fetus when pregnant.

Chemical muscle steroid are bought in the form of pills, syrups, capsules, intranasal spray, creams, roll-ons, ointments and injection.

However, Bodybuilding steroid, particularly anabolic steroids, are illegal substances. Not only does professional bodybuilding competitions prohibit its use, it is illegal in many places.

Anabolic steroid can only be used for treatment of bone weakening in AIDS patients and other medical reasons, when prescribed by a certified doctor.The study of steroid use has been an issue for decades.

Although natural steroid may benefit the body’s normal development, it could also cause serious side effects. Remember that before you buy steroid online, it may enhance your athletic performance in the meantime, yet in the end may be the reason for your health problems.


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