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Aside from the back, chest and arms workouts, shoulders exercise are the next training that bodybuilders include in their workout. This is because muscular shoulders make your entire body look bigger.

The shoulder muscle, which is called the deltoid, is a large three-muscle group known as the posterior “rear” deltoid, medial “side” deltoid and anterior “front” deltoid.

These deltoids are responsible for lifting and rotating the arm. The shoulder exercise you should perform is those that could develop all three deltoids.

The best shoulder exercise is the raises and presses, which are designed for the development of all the deltoids as well as the trapezius muscles.

You could perform several weight lifting shoulder exercise.

If you wish to add mass to your shoulders, the seated dumbbell presses is the perfect shoulder muscle exercise you could perform.

It develops shoulder muscles by targeting the anterior deltoids and upper chest.

Side lateral raise is a shoulder exercise that targets the medial or side part of the deltoid.

This weight lifting shoulder exercise, which also affects the anterior delts, posterior deltoids and trapezius, can give your shoulders an impressive round look.

The upright barbell rows, although specifically designed for the trapezius muscles, also targets all the three deltoids.

It is one of the best shoulder exercise because it gives maximum development of the whole shoulders.

It can be performed with dumbbells, barbell or cable pulley - whichever you feel most comfortable with.Another weight lifting shoulder exercise is the dumbbell shrugs.

This exercise develops your trapezius muscles as well as giving your traps additional mass and density.

Just like all the workouts from other parts of the body, your nutrition should always complement your weight lifting activities.

Adequate amounts of Bodybuilding proteins should be part of your daily meals.

If you lack Bodybuilding Vitamins, minerals or proteins, many safe Bodybuilding supplements could help you reach your goal.

However, you should be careful in choosing the supplements by researching the effects each may bring.

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