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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are important to any bodybuilder, athlete and anyone who engage in physical activities regularly. Health supplements can provide any nutritional deficiencies, which cannot be obtained from food.

Since bodybuilders and athletes have amplified activity levels, the body increases its demands for Vitamins and minerals.

Bodybuilding supplements will reduce the risks of having any deficiency, which can stunt muscle growth.

Although many of the food you consume contain these Vitamins and minerals, the amount needed for physically active people cannot be solely obtained through food.

Without the appropriate daily amount of nutrients, it could get in the way of muscle growth, bone development and tissue repair.

This is why people that are more active take nutritional supplements compared to the average person.Once you surf through a nutritional online supplement store, you will be amazed on the hundreds of brands, kinds and varieties of supplements available in the market.Majority of supplement manufacturers claim their product to be the “best nutritional supplement” available.

However, not all are yield positive results.

In fact, not all supplements are even legal in the U.S. and other countries.

In order to ensure safety, here is a list of herbal supplement, weight loss supplement, energy supplement and weight lifting supplement that you need daily and those you CAN live without.

The body needs these basic supplements in order to function properly, prevent deficiencies and enhance your training program.


These supplements help in the conversion of food into energy, fuel, tissues and hormones.

These supplement Vitamins are responsible for boosting the effects of protein - such as burning fats, energy production and muscle development.

These supplements help the brain to receive right signals such as development of bones and muscles, balancing of fluids, contractions of muscles and production of energy.

If your goal is to lose weight before engaging in a bodybuilding program, fat loss supplements - combined with exercise and diet - could help in reducing excess fat. The following is a list of various fat loss supplements available in the market.

Appetite Suppressants - curbs your appetite

Carb blockers - prevents the “bad” carbs to enter the body’s system

Cortisol Blockers - controls the production of fat

Ephedra-Free Thermogenic - fat loss supplements without ephedra

Fat Blockers - prevents fats to enter the body’s system

Fat loss creams - applied on skin to lose weight

Low-carb protein powders - a meal replacement that maintains high level of protein and low carbs

Metabolism Increasers - enhances metabolism to burn fat easily

Stimulant-free supplements - weight loss supplements without caffeine

Thyroid Regulators - improves thyroid function


If you need assistance in building your muscles more effectively, building muscle supplement can help maximize the results of your workout. The following products are usually marketed as weight lifting supplement, energy supplements and building muscle supplements.

Amino acids - known as the building blocks of protein

Anti-estrogen - enhance muscle growth quickly

Creatine - increase strength and muscle building

Glutamine - builds muscles and boosts recovery

Growth Hormone Boosters - increases HGH

Methoxy - increase muscle growth, protein absorption and production

Natural Testosterone Boosters - increase testosterone levels naturally

Protein supplements - maintains daily protein requirement

The best nutritional supplements are the ones that can be obtained through food. However, due to factors such as food processing, chemical additives and daily-required Vitamins and minerals, nutrient deficiency can occur.

Supplements make it possible for the required daily nutrient intake to be maintained, helping in the building of strong bones, muscles, tissues and overall development.

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