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Home Gym

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires dedication and discipline. For some people, time, money and location can be an obstacle to daily exercise. However, with home fitness gyms, your personal workout goals could be met.

Like any other product, the best home gyms are the ones that last.

It should be reliable, durable, made with high-quality materials and most of all - could meet your personal fitness needs.

Like any other product, the best home gyms are the ones that last.

It should be reliable, durable, made with high-quality materials and most of all - could meet your personal fitness needs.

Personal home gyms could be easily set up if you know your needs, styles, training program and health condition.

Therefore, before buying any exercise home gyms, you have to learn the basics. A home gym has three major types - machine, free weights and plate.loaded machines. Knowing the perfect home gym for your fitness needs will help you in choosing affordable home gyms.

Machine home gyms are made from steel frames, which perform as a stand for various workout equipments that will target different parts of your body simultaneously.

There are numerous solid body home gyms in the market, yet they all fall into three home gym categories traditional machine home gyms, gravity resistance machines and power rods.

Traditional machines are the most common home gyms that contain several stations such as leg extensions, benches and presses.

Gravity resistance machines are usually lightweight and portable. Power rods are machine home gyms that use flexible rods for creating weight and resistance during training.

One of the best selling home gyms is a power rod called Bowflex. Free weight home gyms are various separate equipments used in different exercises.

Weights could be added or adjusted manually to match the frequency of a particular training workout.

These new or used home gyms are divided into three groups - traditional, power cage and power rack.The traditional free weight is the best selling home gym because it offers multi-purpose training workouts.

Power cages and power racks are home fitness gyms that emphasize on heavy weight lifting exercises.

A Plate-loaded machine home gym is a combination of both traditional and free weight machines.

Three kinds of plate-loaded machines include smith machine, machine without weight stacks and combination smith machine.

With all these home gym equipments to choose from, you should consider looking for something that will meet your personal workout goal and budget.

Therefore, in order to build muscle mass, your health and nutrition should be carefully planned. For instance, plan a 1000 daily calorie-intake for this week and shift it into a 1700 the following week. This way, your bodybuilding program will work effectively.

People who are fat, thin or averagely weighed does not necessarily mean they are healthy. Health and nutrition is evaluated by clean eating, balancing and proper planning. Master these five simple rules, and you’ll be on your on a good start for a perfect bodybuilding health and nutrition.

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