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Health and Nutrition

The bodybuilder’s health and nutrition is responsible for strength, recuperation and growth of muscles. Without a healthy diet, any person gaining weight, losing weight or bodybuilding cannot achieve their ideal physique.

When changing your lifestyle into a healthier one, you should start on thinking about what you eat and how it affects your body.

The five rules of clean eating is the backbone of proper health and nutrition.

1) Three large meals per day = poor health and nutrition
Eating three times per day allows your body to change into a catabolic state - a condition wherein you lose muscles and gain extra body fat.

This is because your body thinks it is starving and will start to feed itself on muscle tissues while storing the consumed calories as fat.

To allow for good health and nutrition, you should eat several (at least four to six times) meals daily for your metabolism to increase. This way, your body burns more fats.

2) 40% protein + 40 % carbohydrates + 20% fats = good health and nutrition

Protein, carbohydrates and fats are macronutrients, which are necessary for the body to absorb and use them properly. Pure carb diets makes your energy levels crash instantly after you eat. Because of this, the body stores all the carbs that were not burned.

In contrast, pure protein diets do not work because the body needs an amount of carbs to absorb protein in the body.

  • 3) Meals without fats = poor health and nutrition
    Contrary to popular belief that all fatty foods are bad for the health, fats actually helps in hormones production and joint lubrication.

    However, it is your duty to choose the good fats to maintain proper health and nutrition.

These “good fats” are polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats.A balanced nutrition should include these two fats to build muscles, develop hormones and lubricate your body’s joints.

4) Plenty of water = good health and nutrition

Water may be the simplest form of substance, but is responsible for a large part of health and nutrition. Since approximately 65% of the body is composed of water, the health of your body lies in giving the 65% of water it needs.

When one lack water consumption, body processes such as muscle building, fat burning and energy production cannot be performed.

In addition to this, your bodybuilding health and nutrition will be at risk because metabolism increases with sufficient amount of cold water.

5) A balanced, daily calorie intake = poor health and nutrition
Caloric cycling is used to prevent the metabolism from getting used to a particular caloric level. When this happens, your workout will end up with stagnant results.

Therefore, in order to build muscle mass, your health and nutrition should be carefully planned. For instance, plan a 1000 daily calorie-intake for this week and shift it into a 1700 the following week. This way, your bodybuilding program will work effectively.

People who are fat, thin or averagely weighed does not necessarily mean they are healthy. Health and nutrition is evaluated by clean eating, balancing and proper planning. Master these five simple rules, and you’ll be on your on a good start for a perfect bodybuilding health and nutrition.

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