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Equipment - 2

Next to discipline, motivation and dedication, exercise equipments are the most important thing in building your home gym.

After planning your home gym design, reading about the basics of bodybuilding and raising money for your personalized gym, it is time to buy the best home exercise equipment that will fit your needs.

The following is a list of home exercise equipment important in any level of bodybuilding whether you’re in the beginner phase, advanced level or professional phase.

1) Weights - real weights are those used in the Olympic contests, which usually is sold with a bar.

It is the most basic exercise equipment part where you can purchase anywhere.

Since weights do not break down easily, you could purchase these in shops who sell used exercise equipment or discount exercise equipment.

2) Adjustable Dumbbells - it is the most important equipment in your gym. It can perform various kinds of exercises. If you have a strict budget, adjustable dumbbells can also be an alternative for your abdominal exercise equipment.

3) Adjustable Bench - preferably equipments with leg extensions, this home fitness exercise equipment can be used until you become a pro.

It can perform various exercises such as leg extensions, incline curls, incline bench presses, leg curls and seated dumbbell shoulder presses.

It could work as ab exercise equipment as well as equipment for total body development.

4) Adjustable Squat Rack - Usually bought with chin-up bar, this exercise equipment performs heavy exercises.

It could also be transformed into your abs exercise equipment as well as equipment for back development.

5) Dip Station - This exercise equipment targets the chest, shoulders and triceps. It is perfect for bodybuilders in the advanced and professional levels because it exerts greater intensity.

6) Standing Calf Raise Machine - This equipment particularly targets the calves (lower leg).

This isolation exercise equipment for the calves also affects the development of the upper and lower legs.

7) Multi-purpose pec deck - once you become familiar with the basic equipments, you could shift into more intense exercise equipment that will perform a total body workout.

This home exercise equipment could perform various exercises such as machine press, pull-ups, lat pull-downs, pec flies, seated-rows and triceps pushdowns.

In order to save money, window-shop for cheap exercise equipment in town. Additional accessories such as mirrors, fans, stereo and the likes could be added to your gym when settled. Nonetheless, as long as you own these seven basic equipments, you would go far as a bodybuilder.

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