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Shoulders - 2

Having broad shoulders make a person look much broader. It also makes the waist look smaller. For bodybuilders, shoulder exercise is important in developing both the back and chest faster.

Weight lifting shoulder exercises are important to bodybuilder because it is one of the key elements in obtaining an impressive physique.

Impressive shoulders could also hide some flaws of the upper body as well as the waist.

The best shoulder exercise is a series of workout for the chest, back, neck and arms combined with isolation shoulder exercises for the three distinct heads (deltoids) of the shoulders.

Shoulder muscle exercises are usually performed with any compound exercise.

Bodybuilding SUPPLEMENTS
In building shoulder muscles, the most important element is complete development of deltoids through intensive workout. However, it is still important to maintain a balanced diet and proper nutrition.

Bodybuilding supplements are not necessary, unless you cannot reach the required daily amount of Vitamins and minerals. If this is the case, you could consume multi-Vitamins or separate Bodybuilding minerals, Bodybuilding Vitamins or Bodybuilding proteins - depending on whichever substance you lack.

A fully developed shoulder should have sizable and strong deltoids. In order to achieve this, you have to perform several weight lifting shoulder exercises.

There are two kinds of shoulder exercises - presses and raises.

Majority of shoulder exercises not only target the deltoids, but also affect other parts of the body, particularly the chest.

The following exercises can help in the development of your shoulders and chest.

  • Isolation shoulder exercises
  • 1) Total deltoid development
    Shoulder exercise: behind-the-neck press and dumbbell press
  • 2) Developing deltoid thickness
    Best shoulder exercise: Side lateral raise, two-handed side lateral raise, or any of its variations
  • 3) Developing the front deltoids
    Exercise: barbell front raises, alternate front raises and any workout that targets the chest
  • 4) Rear deltoid development
    Shoulder exercise: rear lateral raise, with and without machine
  • Compound shoulder exercises
  • 1) Military Press
    Target: front deltoids and upper chest
  • 2) Reverse side laterals
    Target: front and side deltoids
  • 3) Shoulder press
    Target: front and side deltoids
  • 4) Front Raise
    Target: front deltoids and upper chest
  • 5) Upright Row
    Target: front deltoids, side deltoids and traps
  • 6) Seated Dumbbell presses
    Target: both shoulders, upper chest
  • 7) Side dumbbell lateral Raises
    Target: medial, anterior and posterior deltoids
  • 8) Dumbbell shrugs
  • Target: trapezius muscles

Developing the shoulders is the simplest workout in the bodybuilding training. Although there are many exercises to build the shoulder muscles, it is important to develop the deltoids proportionally. As you follow these shoulder exercises, your shoulders will grow naturally.

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