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Chest Muscles Exercise

Swathed in clothes or bared in all its rippled glory, the chest joins the likes of the arms as one of the most conspicuous muscle groups of the body. The chest muscle has always been regarded as one of the sexiest parts of a man's body; build up chest muscle and get perceived as strong and virile.

To the ends of building chest muscle to perfection, people set unrealistic goals.

These very people partake unenviable nutrition habits and get very little sleep.

Moreover, they delude themselves into thinking that taking chest muscles supplements will make them immense.

Nevertheless, chest muscles proteins and chest muscles Vitamins are big help.

Spread over the front of the upper body like plates of armor, the pectorals are two large and powerful muscles that make up the chest.

The pectorals are either known as the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.The pectoralis major is undoubtedly the larger one of the two, extending over most of the clavicle and sternum regions and attaches the shoulder to the upper arm.

This particular muscle’s functions are flexion, adduction and medial rotation at the shoulder level.

Basic Exercises
There are two basic types of chest muscle exercises for the chest. For one, there is the press, in which the arms are extended away in front of the body in a pushing motion.

The fly on the other hand bends the arms across the front of the body in a hugging motion. If anything, there is chest muscles video available for such kind of chest muscle exercises.

Fly's almost completely isolate the pectorals. By positioning the angle of the bench you perform exercises on, you can shift the stress onto different regions of the muscle.

Incline dumbbell press
Lie with your back flat on an incline bench, feet firmly planted on the floor.

In a way that your shoulder blades are firmly pressed against the bench and your chest is sticking up, roll your shoulders back and down.

Afterwards grip a dumbbell in each hand and lift them up to eye level.

Remember to inhale while lowering the weight, and once the weight reaches chest level, exhale and push the weight back up.Keep most of the tension on your chest, therefore try keeping the shoulders at the same level all the time and focus the tension on your upper chest.

Bench press
Lie flat on a bench, with your back flat against the bench and the bar at eye level above you. Take the bar a little more than shoulder width, keeping your thumbs leaning either inward or outward. Push the weight back up when the bar reaches chest level with your nipples.

Then gently bring the weight up and down until you reach exhaustion.

Do not forget to keep your elbows in the same axis while bringing the weight up and down.

Flat Dumbbell Flies

Secure yourself on a flat bench and hold up a pair of light dumbbells for better form and execution.

Point the dumbbells straight up above the chest in a way that the weights touch each other in a parallel way.

Your arms must then lower slowly out on each side. Lift and correspondingly lower slowly.Feet firmly must be planted on the ground, and back must not arch in any way. Knuckles should lean outwards at the start, but you can twist the dumbbells inward at the top of the movement.

Slightly keep the elbows bent all throughout the exercise to avoid injuring your elbows. Never ever forget to keep the weights under control as each repetition stretches your chest.

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