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Body Builders

As a body builder, you undergo an intensive process of muscle development by combining periodized weight training and exercise, increased calorie-intake and sufficient rest. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, their goal is to define their bodies constantly.

May they be teen body builders, female body builders or, male body builders; it makes no difference since they go through the same process in improving the definitions of body areas.

As a sport, the natural body builder finalists compete by displaying their physique to the panel of judges,

which give points based on the aesthetic form of the muscle body builder.

Although body builders in India have been engaging in these intense workouts dating back to the 11th century,

the explosion of body builders all over the world only became visible when Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the 1975 Bodybuilding video called “Pumping Iron”, documenting the sport of bodybuilding. From then on, different organizations such as International Federation of Bodybuilder (IFBB) and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) become more popular than ever.

Teen body builders, as young as thirteen years old, prepare various exercises by following any of the countless body builder video or going to the gym. Woman body builder has become popular with active females wishing to define their bodies.

Since male body builder have been around for many decades, the sudden boom of muscle body builder among women have been a controversy for years.

Many people are puzzled how women perform such extreme bodybuilding workouts.

For the woman body builder, the exercises she performs are similar to those workouts used by the male body builders.

The main difference, however, lies in hormones and its effects on the muscles and exercise.

A female body builder does not produce enough testosterone, which is responsible for muscle protein synthesis, resulting in lessened muscle development. For this reason, a female natural body builder (who does not use Bodybuilding supplements) will not get “chunky-looking” even with constant exercises and workouts.

Therefore, if you want to become a big woman body builder, the combination of male hormonal enhancements, Bodybuilding supplements (such as Bodybuilding proteins, Vitamins and minerals) and comprehensive workout will surely give you those big lats, arms, chest, shoulder and back.

On the other hand, teen body builders need to be reminded that a Bodybuilding video is simply not enough for the perfect workout.

As with male and female body builders, supervision is the most important thing that supplements Bodybuilding for teens.

Young bodybuilding enthusiasts should focus on workout techniques with high reps, lightweights and supervision during exercise.

It is recommended that teenagers only consume Bodybuilding Vitamins, Bodybuilding minerals and Bodybuilding proteins for their physique development.

Refrain from Bodybuilding supplements that may be harmful to your growth. Once the body has been defined, you may now enter amateur or professional Bodybuilding competitions. The contests are usually categorized by age, sex and weight.

However, before filling up your form, check if your Bodybuilding supplements are not included in the rules. It may cause you to be disqualified as well as lose your chances of becoming an idolized body builder.

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