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Big Arms

Serious men and women bodybuilders wish to achieve an impressive pair of muscular arms. Unfortunately, not all bodybuilding enthusiasts reach their goal of having big arms due to poor understanding of their arms’ potential for maximum gains.

If you desire to get big arms fast, it is important to educate yourself on how each part of your arm works.

Both the triceps and biceps are small muscle groups. The triceps form the three heads known as the long, lateral and medial.

It extends throughout the back of your upper arm.

These muscles are stimulated when you perform any pressing movements for your shoulders and chest.

The biceps is the important muscle located in the upper arm.

It is motivated when you perform any pulling movements for your back. In developing strong, big arms fast, both the triceps and biceps only require little amount of direct stimulation for them to achieve maximum gain.

In fact, over-training could even result in weaker and smaller muscles. This is the same reason why people obsessed with building big arms take a longer time in workouts than those who give their arm muscles sufficient time to recover.

Although direct arm exercises are effective, it is best to refrain from focusing on arm movements.

Majority of back workouts and chest training also builds muscular arms during the process.

Therefore, instead on emphasizing on your “big-arms workout”, concentrate on major muscle groups and surely enough, your arms will yield even greater gains.

Factors such as nutritional program, training plan and individual body form contribute to the development of your biceps and triceps.

Improve your arm size by performing movements that will effectively work on the biceps and triceps. Some biceps exercises include reverse curls, biceps chins, incline curls, preacher bench and hammer curls.

Triceps workouts include close-grip bench presses, triceps pushdowns, overhead extensions and parallel bar dips. For your arms to gain its maximum size, it is best to change your arm-training plan in order to challenge your body continuously. This will enable your arms to induce gains.

Remember that as you advance in bodybuilding workouts, the more crucial periodized routines become.

Another key factor in building big arms is proper nutrition.

The ratio of your daily intake of carbs, proteins and fats will depend on your weight and metabolism.

It is best to consult either physical therapists or bodybuilding professionals to ensure good nutrition.

After your extensive workout for building big arms, protein shakes should be consumed to help in inducing growth.

Additional supplements for developing your big arms should only be taken after consulting your physician about lack of Vitamins and minerals, especially proteins. Remember to take extra precaution on choosing bodybuilding supplements and if possible, research before taking any kind of supplementation.


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