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Back Muscles

The most complicated muscle groups to develop are the back muscles because it is made up of numerous complex muscles that require a specific exercise for each back area.Professional bodybuilders consider it ridiculous for those who show off their biceps and triceps while having disproportion back muscles. Unfortunately, most novice bodybuilders are not aware on what they are doing wrong. For starters, no person can see his or her back without a mirror.

Since not all gyms have double mirrors, the bodybuilder cannot see the effect of a particular back muscle exercise.

Another reason for this is insufficient knowledge. For one to develop a proportioned wide back, one must know all the important back muscles to target, and its corresponding back muscle exercise.

The simplest reason for performing incorrect developments of back muscles is that people tend to perform the exercise without becoming conscious on how it affects the back.

By feeling every stretch, tense and movement of your back, you will be aware of how it helps certain parts of your back.In training your back muscles, you should alternately focus on several important muscles.

The spinal erectors are lower back muscles, which are responsible for the posture, back bending and taking care of the abdominals. These muscles are trained by performing lower back bending exercises such as hyperextensions and good mornings.

Other exercises responsible in building back muscles of the erectors include squats, hamstrings and dead lifts.

Slightly above the spinal erectors are the v-shaped lower back muscle known as the lats (latissimus dorsi). Every pulling and stretching movement you make affects the lats directly.

Exercises such as pull-downs, chin-ups and rowing movements help your lats improve its width.

Three upper back muscles known as the rhomboids, infraspinatus and the teres major are mostly covered by the traps (trapezius) and lats.

However, these three muscles are the ones that provide the thickness of your back. Functioning similar to lats, these muscles can be developed also by performing balanced exercises of pull-downs, chin-ups and rowing movements.

Lastly, the trapezius is the muscle that complements the lower lats.

Rather than pulling from upwards up, the trapezius is developed by pulling downwards up.

Reps on back muscle workouts depend entirely on how your back muscles react.

Although trainers provide you with a number of repetitions to execute, if it does not give your back muscles its needed pump, increase the reps until it has made your back muscles work.

Building back muscles is possible even without back muscle supplements and proteins.

To ensure you are performing the correct exercises, you could either enroll yourself to a gym with certified bodybuilding trainers or purchase a back-muscle workout video by professional bodybuilders.

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