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Abdominal Muscles- Body Building Articles

Scientific name: Azadirachta indica Habitat It is called 'Indian Pride but found in Burma, south East Asia and western Africa and is a tropical evergreen.

If given a desirable climate can grow up to 50 feet and can bear drought and poor soils, freezing temperatures are not acceptable to it.

It requires s well drained soils and organic fertilizers. Use It has a great medicinal value and can treat wounds, bruises, headache ,fever, poisoning in food, hepatitis, flu, any type of infection, Sexual disorder and transmitted diseases

IT is a remedy against nerve disorders, heart problems, malaria, blood disorders and kidney problems.

This is being closely studied for combating AIDS, Cancer and allergies, but cannot be used internally by pregnant women.

Researches have shown that neem is very effective against fungi that infect the body of a human being. Neem has been found powerful and effective against athlete's foot fungus that infects skin and nails,

it is ringworm that causes disorder in skin and nail of the feet. It takes control of fungi that lead to lesions in mouth, vagina, skin, hands and lungs.

It has been in use in India since ages and it is a firm belief of people that it helps in curing smallpox, chicken pox by using paste of neem leaves .As there are no proper evidence that neem cures but it ids helpful in prevention of the same. Crude neem extracts has ability to absorb the virus and helps to prevent it from entering new cells. It is also helpful against herpes virus and the viral DNA polymerase of hepatitis.

Nettle scientific name: Urtica spp. Habitat: This is basically a weed and hence is not advisable t o growing in an herbal garden. Use This is helpful against anemia, blood pressure and reduces menstrual problems.

It can be used externally for treating neuralgia and arthritis. It is advisable during pregnancy and is supportive during the process.

It is a very popular form of raw material and used in small scale paper making. It is exceptionally high in protein and is grown in many areas, they are sold in farmer's market and its juices are helpful in congestive heart failure.

It is also a component of shampoos to control dandruffs. It is also used by bodybuilders to increase free testosterone and by occupying sex hormone binding globulin.

Nutmeg Scientific name: Myristica fragrans Habitat This plant has been termed as a prized possession in middle ages, In Elizabeth's time it was believed that it could fight against plague so it got popularity.

It was also traded by Arabs.

Use It is beneficial for heart problems and relieves from chronic nervous problems, it relieves from nausea, but it is not advisable to take large doses as it can lead to miscarriage for pregnant women.

It is also helpful in obtaining oil from it through a distillation and is used excessively by paharma and perfume industry. It is absorbed as a natural food flavors in baked goods and syrups .It is also advisable against coughs and used in tooth paste.

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