Chin Ups Exercises

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Chin Ups- Back Exercise

Chin-ups are an advanced strength-training exercise wherein you hang using your arms from a horizontal bar by pulling yourself up vertically until your chin reaches the bar.

It is considered as both a back muscle exercise and a bodybuilding workout because you could manipulate any back muscle to emphasize while strengthening your back area.

The traditional chin-ups upper back exercises are done by grabbing

the chin-up bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

If you perform back exercise at home, you could find an improvised bar such as rafters, eaves, patio beams, tree branches, clothesline bar or any sturdy overhead that can hold your weight and not hurt your back while executing this exercise.

While hanging from the bar, bend your legs and straighten your arms giving your back area a worthy stretch. Hold this position for at least two seconds and slightly arch your back.

Then, pull your bodyweight up to the bar until your chin reaches or over the bar. To maximize the muscle contraction from this chin-ups exercise, hold this hanging position for a second. Gently lower yourself to the starting position and make at least five repetitions of this low back exercise.

Chin ups are primarily used as back muscle exercise for muscles such as the teres major and latissimus dorsi (the v-shaped muscle in the back area also known as lats).

It also works on your biceps and deltoids.

Chin ups are considered as one of the best back exercises, in line with pushups.

Although these two exercises both target the upper body, they are completely opposites: A pushup is a lower back exercise, while the chin up is an upper back exercise.

Even so, chin ups and pushups complement each other. While pushups focus on the shoulders, chest and triceps, chin-ups emphasizes on the back area and biceps.

When performing this kind of upper back exercise, you lift your entire bodyweight. For this reason, the result of this back Bodybuilding exercise will depend on the position you execute. Chin ups could help in improving both strength and endurance.

Chin-ups as an upper back exercise will promote strength. Perform as much chin-up exercise as you can.

After reaching at least twelve chin-ups, you may increase resistance by adding up to 10 lbs of waist or ankle weights and doing one-arm assisted chin-ups.

This variation of chin ups is done by hanging on the bar with one hand while the other is assisting your hanging wrists.

This shoulder and back exercise improves your resistance and works as a chest building exercise as well as a back muscle exercise.

As an upper back exercise for endurance, perform slower chin-ups by hanging as long as possible. When your arms are getting tired, simply shake one arm while the other hand still hangs and repeat this step to the other one.

Then, perform another slow chin-up. Work on as many repetitions of this shoulder and back exercise as you can.

It is important that you execute warm-ups before performing any back Bodybuilding exercise to prevent possible injuries.

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