Bent Over Row Exercise

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Bent Over Rows- Back Exercise

Bent over rows are a back exercise workout, which involves a bent-over position wherein you lift bars or dumbbells in a rowing motion.

This weight lifting back exercise is a shoulder and back exercise that improves definition and strength of the entire back area.

The dumbbells and bars work in adding resistance to the muscle contractions occurred in rowing.

This kind of lower and upper back stretching exercise benefits anyone who wishes to have a stronger back.

Since people with back problems have limited choices of upper, middle and lower back exercises, bent over rows may be your solution in preventing discomfort and pain.

It is also considered the best back exercise for people with poor posture and slouched shoulders since it can improve the core muscles of the back area.

The bent over row works the lower, middle and upper back including the rhomboids, trapezius (traps), biceps, teres major, erector spinae (or lower back), abdominals and shoulder blades

However, bent over rows are particularly known for emphasizing on your latissimus dorsi, also known as lats.

This v-shaped lats run from the upper back near the armpit down to the lower back.

Known as the largest muscle in the upper body, the lats are built up by performing a weight lifting back exercise enabling you to achieve an hourglass figure.

Bent over rows are done by standing with knees and feet hip-width apart.

In stabilizing your lower back as well as keeping your back straight and strong, keep your stomach pulled in.

Maintain your head in line with your spine while bringing your upper body forward until it becomes parallel to the floor.

Your palms could either face each other or towards your body, with a choice of weights such as dumbbells or bars in each hand.

Keep your elbows beside your body as you pull the weights up until your shoulder blades are pulled back.

Hold this position for at least two seconds and slowly lower your back to the starting position.

Refrain from snapping your elbows when lowering you back.

Repeat this back muscle exercise for twelve to fifteen repetitions.

Take a 1-minute break before performing another set of bent over rows.

If you are having trouble keeping a correct position, perform this back workout with your butt pressed against a wall. As you keep it steady in one spot, it will help you refrain from standing up during the exercise.

When you experience chronic back pain during or after performing bent over rows, visit a physician. Bent over rows is most likely not the best back exercise for you. A physician could help in providing you with a rehabilitative exercise regime and back stretching exercise that will help in strengthening you weak back area.

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