Tricep Extensions Exercise

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Triceps Extensions- Arms Exercise

Looking for an exercise for slim arms? Tricep extensions are a good strength exercise for arms most especially for women and seniors because it builds muscle and increases metabolism.

It is a basic combined arms exercise that enables you to use a lot of weight through a very full range of motion.

You can use either a barbell or a dumbbell with this exercise for upper arms.

You can either sit or lie back on a bench.

If you prefer being seated, sit up near the front edge of either a chair type bench or a flat bench, feet flat on floor and even with shoulders.

If you lie back, place a curl bar on the ground at the head of a bench.

Lie back in suck a way that your head is hanging off the end of the bench and your back is slightly arched.

Here’s the right way to perform this best arms exercise: For both sitting and standing tricep extension, grip the barbell about shoulder width apart with palm facing in.

Keep your elbows in to get the full effect and pull the bar over raising that arm straight toward the ceiling and extend your arms until they are straight with the weight over your chest.

Slowly bend raised arm at elbow lowering the weight behind your head.

With an explosive motion, push the weight back over your head and extend your arms fully.

Then slowly bend your arm toward the shoulder again. Pause, and then repeat the bending and straightening until you have done your desired reps and do the same with your other arm.

One of the keys to tricep extensions is to cup your wrist forward. Don’t let your wrist break backward. Your upper arm should always be pointed straight up over your chest. Don’t let your upper arms swing back and forth.

It is better to have a spotter you can trust and bring the weight down, under control, to the head and drive it up.

Stretch your triceps fully at the bottom of the movement to maximize the results of this exercise to tone arms.

Well, there you have it! Remember -- most of your arm size is triceps, not biceps, so if you want big guns, start packing on the weight with this great lift.

This combined arms exercise will have you say goodbye to flabby arms!

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