Straight Bar Curls Exercise

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Straight Bar Curls - Arms Exercise

A straight bar is like a barbell but only shorter. Straight Bar curls are a combined arms exercise.

It is a mass-builder and a great exercise for the upper arms in particular the biceps. It is one of the best exercises to tone arms and for stimulating strength and development.

Straight bar curls work your entire biceps structure as well as your forearms, traps and shoulders that is why it is a good exercise for flabby arms.

Start by standing with your feet apart about shoulder width apart to give a sturdy base.

Space your hands shoulder width and hold the bar in front of you in the underhand position, palms facing up.

If you are lifting the bar up from the ground, make sure to bend at the knees and stand up with the weight.

Without squatting down or moving your torso, slowly bring the bar up to your chest, contracting the biceps.

You may or may not touch your chest with the bar but it is better to stop a few inches short of your chest to keep continuous tension in your biceps.

If you are using a rack for this exercise for flabby arms, lift the bar and take a step back and hold it with your arms straight and perpendicular to the ground.

Without moving your elbow, curl the weight up to your chest. Keep it locked to your sides.

Repeat this movement a couple of times maintaining a slow controlled movement. Reverse curls are also a great variation to this combined arms exercise.

You do the same movement with an overhand grip instead. This best exercise for arms, if done regularly, will result in thinner, toned arms.

To get the most out of straight bar curls it is important to have what is called loose form.

This does not mean be sloppy or out of control.

Allow your body to move in a natural way as you lift the weight through the range of motion.

If you allow your upper body to move throughout the exercise, you will be able to generate more force and guard against injury.

So be sure to perform a full range of motion to get the most out of this exercise for arms.

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