Concentration Curls Exercise

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Concentration Curls- Arms Exercise

The main purpose of this exercise for arms is to peak your biceps, especially the outside of the biceps.

This is a great finishing exercise because it’s one of the best exercise to tone arms and peaking the muscle.

Since Concentration Curls is a combined arms exercise it involves a very strict movement, so use as much weight as you can handle.

That is why the name ‘Concentration Curl’ is important because you really need to concentrate on the biceps contraction and on being strict to make this exercise effective.

Concentration Curls are done with dumbbells in a kneeling, standing or sitting position.

From a standing position, spread your feet to about shoulder width and slightly bend your knees. Bend over slightly and grasp the weight in one hand and let your free arm rest.

Bend over and place your right elbow on the same knee. If you’ll be sitting on a bench then let your one elbow rest on the same leg.

The other arm should be in between your legs and not resting against the other leg.

For both standing and sitting position, use your knee as a pivot point and curl the weight up to the shoulder, as you inhale keeping upper body still and without moving the upper arm or the elbow.

Keep your upper arm braced against your leg and curl the weight up fully contracting the bicep.

While lifting, twist the wrist in an angular position so that your little finger ends up higher than your thumb.

"Concentrate" on only flexing your bicep muscle fully at the top of the Curl, then as you exhale, lower the weight slowly back down until your arm is straight but the elbow not locked.

This is when the biceps are taking the full stress of the weight. This exercise for upper arms is great for women who want to exercise to tone arms. The weight should be curled to the shoulder, not the chest.

Control the dumbbell as you curl the weight up and back down. Make sure that you do not swing the weight.

It is important to use a complete range of motion on every repetition, as with all exercises to achieve the desired results of this exercise for upper and flabby arms.

Stretch and contract the biceps fully each time to obtain and feel the full stress of the weight.

With this great exercise for upper arms, you can say goodbye to flabby arms!

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