Cable Curls Exercise

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Cable Curls - Arms Exercise

Looking for an exercise for thinner arms? Cable Curls, a combined arms exercise, is the best exercise for flabby arms.

It is a great variation to the free weight bicep curl.

The primary muscles worked out for this exercise are the biceps.

Cable curls are the best exercise for arms and if you want to develop the peak of your bicep.

Cable Curls is an excellent exercise to tone arms and it adds strength to your arms whatever your training level maybe.

Some people prefer them to barbell curls because the angled grip on their wrists allows more stress on their bicep.

For this exercise for arms you will be using a cable machine or a curl bar with a pulley at the floor and a rope or straight bar attached.

For this exercise for arms you will be using a cable machine or a curl bar with a pulley at the floor and a rope or straight bar attached.

To start, place your feet about shoulder width apart to give a sturdy base and grasp the bar with a shoulder width grip and arms extended down.

You can choose to hold the bar on the inner angle or outer depending on which width allows you to handle more weight and is more comfortable and allows you to handle more weight.

There will be a little more stress on your brachialis because of the angled position of your wrist.

The brachialis is the muscle that is beneath the biceps brachi, the top bicep muscle.

Keep your palms up and thumbs out. Keeping the upper arm rigid, curl the weight up to your chest to its highest point with an explosive motion contracting the biceps.

During the curling motion, be sure to keep your elbows in and move your upper body back to an upright position.

With close control, lower the weight back to its original position getting a complete stretch and lean slightly forward. Practice this exercise to tone arms.

This exercise for upper arms will delight you with results, if done regularly and properly.

To get the most out of curl bar curls it is crucial that you maintain what is considered loose form.

Allow your body to move in a natural way as you lift the weight through a full range of motion.

Letting your upper body to move throughout the exercise will allow you to be able to generate more force and guard against injury.

Let your biceps get a full contraction at the top and a good stretch at the bottom of the movement.

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