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Crunch - Abdominal Exercise

Looking for an exercise to build your abs? Crunches rank one of the most commonly used exercises for abdominal muscles, primarily the rectus abdominis.

They are hailed as the most commonly used abs exercises in the gym today.


A stress fracture (type of back injury), nominally spondylolysis in medicine, is the most common injury of the lower back in sport and bodybuilding.

There are two variations of this back injury, namely the bone stress reaction or a stress fracture of the lower back.

This back injury is especially common in growing adolescents, as this condition is associated at the time of rapid 'growth spurt'.

There are five lumbar vertebrae at the base of the back,but the most common site for the back injury called spondylolysis is the bottom-most lumbar vertebra, called L5, at the confluence of the mobile lumbar spine and the fixed pelvis.

Forces generated by sporting movements that involve large muscle forces are transmitted via the bones of the spine.

Bone fatigue occurs as a loss of bone strength and stiffness due to repeated loading, which always happens in strenuous activities.

Though repeated loading is of less force than it would take to produce a traumatic fracture, it eventually causes bone damage over time.

If the damage is excessive and the remodeling cannot keep pace with the damage, then spondylolysis sets in.

Complete rest is the antidote of choice for this condition. A period of 6 weeks is sufficient in allowing the bone to heal.Afterwards, a progressive exercise program may be incepted, under the supervision of a chartered physiotherapist.

This usually starts with back injury exercises to augment to the muscular stability in the lower back.

Research has shown that specific back injury exercises may be effective in relieving damage.

Slipped DiscsThe lumbar spine is most vulnerable to slipped discs.

If there is repeated overuse, the gel-like nucleus material can prolapse out of the disc.

Pain-relieving medication is usually complementary for a prolapsed disc.

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